Olexander Kirichko (1965)
Chairman of Board of Directors
Olexander Kirichko is responsible for the company's operations. Olexander has many years' experience of managing companies in the metallurgical field. He has been at Interpipe since 1991.
Olexander completed a higher technical education. In 2004, Olexander was winner of a Ukrainian national award in the fields of science and engineering for “Investment metallurgical complex of innovative technologies for steel-making and all-rolled wheels, which provide their high competitiveness at international markets of shipping metals”.
Oleg Rozenberg (1960)
Chief Executive Officer
Oleg Rosenberg has many years' experience in management of trading and industrial companies. Before joining INTERPIPE Oleg Rosenberg was the owner of “Kuzbassrazrezugol” Company, held the positions of the CEO at “KRUTrade” Company and Deputy General Manager of “Mechel”.
Oleg Rosenberg graduated from the National Economy Academy (Moscow, Russia) with “finances and credit” major, as well as the Moscow Supreme Military Academy after Suvorov and Odessa Supreme Artillery Academy.
Fadi Hraibi (1974),
Chief Commercial Officer
Mr. Hraibi is responsible for planning and managing all of company’s commercial activities, development and implementation of marketing strategy and sales channels development.
Fadi Hraibi has a long-standing experience in sales management and commercial development. Prior to this role, Mr. Hraibi took a position of Principal in the international consulting company - the Boston Consulting Group. From 2007 to 2010 Mr. Fadi Hraibi held the position of Director for Product and Resource Management at INTERPIPE.
Fadi Hraibi has an engineering degree from the American University of Beirut (Lebanon). In 2004 Mr. Hraibi got his MBA from INSEAD Business School in France.
Denis Morozov (1978)
Chief Financial Officer
Denis Morozov is responsible for the development and implementation of the Company's financial policies and activities.
Denis has worked at Interpipe since 2000 and during the last six years he has been Head of the budget division of the Financial and Economic department of Interpipe.
Denis graduated from the Department of Informational Systems in Management at Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine.
Oksana Marina (1969)
Director, Human Resources
Oksana Marina is responsible for the development and implementation of the payroll, training and personnel development as well as the company’s corporate culture.  
Oksana has fifteen years of experience in HR Management field. Before joining Interpipe in 2004, she was head of human resources department in group of companies “ХХI Century”.
Oksana Marina has higher technical education. She gained a further qualification in Grant MacEwan College (Canada).
Andrey Likhomanov (1969)
Director, Economic Security
Andrey Likhomanov is responsible for ensuring the economic security of the company, the prevention of unlawful operations and guaranteeing Interpipe’s external business safety. Previously, Andrey Likhomanov held identical positions at Interpipe Niko Tube Mill and Nikopol South Steel Plant and for a long time had worked at a domestic affairs agency. Andrey Likhomanov has a higher education in law. In 2008, Andrey received an MBA degree from Rasmus (Holland).

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