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Andrei Derilo: “Just to have a wish is not enough – take actions and you will succeed!”

At present Andrei Derilo is the Acting Master Mechanic of the mill, but he started his career at INTERPIPE NMPP back in 1997 as a maintenance man at the pipe electric welding shop No 2.  

– For all these years my professional growth at the Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant has been connected with the large- and medium-range pipe production complex, where I have moved up along a number of steps. At first I passed several labor grades as a maintenance man; then I became a foreman; then I was promoted to the position of the mill equipment maintenance master, an acting Master Mechanic of the shop, and, finally, I held the position of the Deputy Manager of the entire complex on equipment, –Andrei has confessed.

Andrei came to INTERPIPE NMPP with the diploma of Novomoskovsk Metallurgical Vocational School, and in 2000 he entered Pridneprovsk Construction and Architecture Academy as a student.

– It was quite hard to study at the Mechanical Department of the Academy and to work at the principal production facility of the mill at the same time, but if you have a goal, your strength and powers for its achievement will not fail you, – Andrei Derilo is firmly convinced. – Just to have a wish is not enough – take actions and you will succeed!

Andrei’s colleagues are confident that he would not have gone through such a complicated career path without his commitment, responsibility, and ability to set his priorities straight. At present he makes himself familiar with INTERPIPE NMPP Master Mechanic position.

Now his work is closely connected not only with the control of equipment at the large- and medium-range pipe production complex, but also with the pipe electric welding shop No 3 and mechanical maintenance shop. The specifics of his work are quite the same, but the scale has grown significantly. This fact does not impair the enthusiasm of the young manager in the least, who is ready for changes and is fully confident in his own powers and strengths.

– You need to be capable of changing yourself and things around you. If you feel a decision made does not change the situation at all, be flexible – and change the decision. If you understand that the existing circumstances bother you, change them or your attitude towards them, – Andrei Derilo has shared.

Andrei is firmly convinced that being a leader means being a tutor and mentor. Gathering your colleagues for special trainings is not a must – you can learn a lot about your employees in the process of live communication with them right at the shop, helping them to achieve their potential and giving them the required pieces of advice.

Andrei Derilo believes he is a quite democratic manager, and his subordinates will also agree with that. However, if any austerity measures are required for the efficient performance, Andrei is ready for such decision. And he also has a good skill of finding an individual approach to people:
– You cannot use the same pattern for solution of all problems and management of your team. Each of us has an individuality of his/her own, and every process has its specifics. Working at a metallurgical mill is quite versatile and has many sides, but if you want, you can learn more and use a wider range of tools, – Andrei is fully confident.

Every person is the only one to choose his/her way in life. Andrei Derilo has chosen his path to career summits – the path of high-quality and responsible performance, expansion of your own horizons, and continuous self-development. It’s your own decision which way to choose.