Anti-corruption policy

Interpipe's policy to combat bribery, abuse of office, and misappropriation is intended to ensure transparent cooperation at all production assets of the company. 

Today, the fight against bribery, abuse of office, and misappropriation has become an integral part of Interpipe's corporate culture. Economic offenses in any form always harm both the operation and reputation of any company and contribute to the development of corruption. The policy was developed by the Interpipe’s Economic Security Service. It sets goals and objectives for the company in the field of countering bribery, abuse of office, and misappropriation. This is a document of the company-wide importance, and its effect extends to all companies and industrial assets of Interpipe. 

This policy applies to all cases or suspicions of the above offenses, the commitment of which involve both employees of the company and consultants, suppliers of goods and services, and employees of contractors, who collaborate with Interpipe. 

Cases of such actions are investigated and brought to their logical conclusion, including, if necessary, the filing of lawsuits and instituting administrative actions or criminal prosecution. During the conduct of investigations, the length of service, position of the suspects, and their relationship with the company are not taken into consideration. 

Provisions of this document apply to all employees of the company and are mandatory for use in their activities by managers of all enterprises and operational divisions. 

Interpipe is responsible for developing and implementing effective policies to prevent and detect cases of economic offenses. The company has created an anonymous report system for suspected bribery, abuse of office, and misappropriation for employees, customers, and partners – hotlines and provision of information through the website and electronic mail.

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Economic Security Service confidential hotline: +38 (056) 747-40-90, +38 (056) 747-40-76
Direct number of the Economic Security Service Director: +38 (0562) 747-40-70
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