Product Portfolio: Research & Development

Premium class solutions for oil and gas production 

Interpipe has an R&D center that develops and perfects the Company’s product portfolio in accordance with the demanding requirements of customers. 
The Company offers a line of premium connections for the development of oil and gas wells in difficult geological conditions with high compressive and tensile loads: 

- Premium UPJ connection of CAL II level; 
- Premium UPJ-M and UPJ-P connections of CAL IV level; 
- Premium UPJ-F streamlined joint of CAL IV level; and  
- Semi-premium UPJ-SP connection with enhanced performance characteristics. 

Premium class railway wheels for freight transport 

The Company's technical experts have developed a new solution for the safe operation of high-load freight railcars. The Ultimate line of low-tension wheels and wheelsets has been specifically designed for the European market and ensures high performance characteristics. In addition, it is a line with a low noise generation level, which meets all European requirements.