COVID-19: Protecting Employees

Interpipe cares about the health of its employees. Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine, the Company has implemented a number of anti-epidemic measures at all of its enterprises. Within just one year, the Company allocated UAH 127,4 million for anti-epidemic activities, of which: 
  • UAH 105,8 million – ensuring the operation of corporate transport (49 routes); 
  • UAH 9.2 million – PCR tests of Company employees (12.1 thousand tests); 
  • UAH 7 million – sanitary treatment of buses, cleaning and disinfection of personnel service premises and offices; and 
  • UAH 5.4 million – PPE and antiseptics for Company employees. 

Interpipe supports the worldwide campaign for massive vaccination against COVID-19. The Company has organized collective vaccination for employees of its enterprises. 
  • Vaccination started in June 2021. 
  • As of September 15, 2021, 59% of Interpipe employees got the first dose of the vaccine, of which more than 80% have already completed the vaccination course.