Ecology standart

The modernization of our production methods and technologies mean that we are constantly increasing our efficiency – the transformation of our production facilities means that at the same time we are becoming more ecologically and environmentally efficient. Our annual environmental review continuously updates our policies in this area including those on air quality, water and waste management.

All four of our mills have introduced a system for ecological management and operate according to the EN ISO 14001 standard.

In 2007 Interpipe became one of the first companies in Ukraine to hold an open public hearing to consider the opinion of the local community in relation to the new electric steel smelting complex, Interpipe Steel. The Company has also received an audited report prepared by Fichtner GmbH about the project’s accordance with international ecological principles and norms. Interpipe Steel  improved efficiency and reduced the level of gross pollutant emissions in the atmosphere by 2.5 times in comparison to older mills.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding ecological standards for the exploitation of  the new electric steel mill, Interpipe Steel, please contact the local ecological administrators:

Address: 49000, Dnepropetrovsk, 75 Karla Marksa street

Telephone: +38 (056) 7782380