Diana Arbenina, Chizh, and UMA2RMAN performed for INTERPIPE metallurgists and Dnipropetrovsk region residents

On July 20, INTERPIPE Company hosted three concerts, with performances from Diana Arbenina, “Chizh”, and “UMA2RMAN”, for residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region and employees to thank them for their hard work and celebrate Metallurgist Day . The concerts, devoted to the holiday, were conducted in the cities which host the Company’s mills.


Famous boxer Wladimir Klitschko met the INTERPIPE STEEL team

The day before the Metallurgist Day the new INTERPIPE STEEL electric steel-melting complex was visited by the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Wladimir Klitschko. “Dr. Steel Hammer” devoted his visit to the acquaintance of young metallurgists, whose everyday job roles include the production of steel. The renowned boxer congratulated the innovative mill employees for the then upcoming Metallurgist Day, which is celebrated on July 20th.


INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET celebrated its 75th anniversary with the exhibition of sculptures, made out of scrap and special machinery

INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET celebrates its 75th anniversary. Despite having such a long history in operation and maintaining its status one of the largest scrap-processing companies in Ukraine, the facility has a modern look following INTERPIPE Company’s investment of approximately 40 million USD into modernizing the enterprise’s facilities. DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET is currently expanding the network of its scrap procurement sites across the Ukraine and invests in up-to-date equipment and personnel.


INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE IQ 267 training center opened a practical ground

On its first anniversary, INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE IQ 267’s training facility center has been updated with a new practical ground.


Interpipe declares Iraq ambitions following South Oil Company approval

Dubai, UAE: Interpipe, a leading steel pipe manufacturing company, has announced putting in place a local support team to work on the ground based in Basra following approval from South Oil Company (SOC), one of the major fundamental formations of Iraqi national oil company (INOC), as a preferred supplier for the country.