INTERPIPE Company has announced the introduction of the new procurement system, complying with world’s best standards and anti-corruption policy requirements.


Interpipe announced the new COO appointment

Pipe and Wheel Company Interpipe has announced the appointment of Oleg Rosenberg to the Chief Operational Officer position. Mr. Rosenberg has already entered upon his duties.


INTERPIPE STEEL reaches a rate of production of 110 thousand tons of steel per month

The results of work in March 2013 have shown that the innovative mill, INTERPIPE STEEL, produced approximately 110 thousand tons of steel. Such an achievement has been the result of the scheduled increase in the capacity of the new mill. The production of round steel billets in January was 88 thousand tons, while in February – approximately 90 thousand tons.


Interpipe announces partnership agreement with major pipe distributor in Turkey Aydin Boru

Istanbul, Turkey: Interpipe, a leading steel pipe manufacturing company, has signed a one year agreement with large pipe distributor in Turkey, Aydin Boru, worth of min $15 million.


INTERPIPE STEEL has produced 500 thousand tons of steel

The state-of-the-art innovative INTERPIPE STEEL mill has melted the 500-thousandth ton of steel. The mill gradually increases its production capacities, having reached the monthly production rate in the amount of approximately 85 thousand tons of steel round billets in December.