Ambassador of Sweden Stefan Gullgren visited INTERPIPE STEEL

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Sweden in Ukraine Stefan Gullgren has visited the new electric steel-melting complex INTERPIPE STEEL. Representatives of the Swedish Trade Council and leading Swedish companies have joined the Swedish Embassy delegation for the tour around the state-of-the-art metalllurigcal mill.


INTERPIPE has completely given up the open-hearth production

November 14 is the day when the last open-hearth furnace of the INTERPIPE Nizhnednepropvskiy Tube-Rolling Plant was decommissioned. Following the plans, announced earlier, INTERPIPE has completely stopped using this obsolete and environmentally harmful method of steel production.


Great Britain Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair visited INTERPIPE STEEL

Public figure and Great Britain Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair has visited Dnipropetrovsk. The well-known politician has delivered a public lecture on the reformation of economy in the XXI century and has also looked round the state-of-the-art electric steel melting mill INTERPIPE STEEL.


Nobel prize winner has visited INTERPIPE STEEL

Dan Shechtman, the Nobel prize winner in chemistry, has visited Ukraine. The world-known scientist has presented an educational project, focused on the popularization of natural sciences, and has also visited the new electric steel melting mill INTERPIPE STEEL.


INTERPIPE STEEL OPENING – for the workers, the city, and society

The electric steel melting complex Interpipe Steel – the first metallurgical plant built from scratch since Ukraine became independent, was opened in Dnepropetrovsk. President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich participated in the opening ceremony.