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Interpipe announced the appointment of a new CEO and a new Chairman of Board of Directors

Oleg Rozenberg has been appointed as the new CEO of Interpipe, who previously held the position of Chief Operational Officer at the comapny. Olexander Kirichko, the previous CEO at Interpipe will now take on the position of Chairman of Board of Directors. Kirill Rubynskyi, who previously held the position of Chairman of Board of Directors, will continue cooperation with the company as a Member of Board of Directors and President of the Company.
These staff changes are part of the reorganization of the company’s management system. As the new CEO, Oleg Rozenberg will focus on increasing the company’s efficiency. His area of responsibilities will include procurement, production and sales.
“The company’s short term goal is to increase the business’ efficiency by reviewing cost reduction procedures, improving cooperation between the production and sales units, and amending processes that slow down development”, - commented Interpipe’s CEO, Oleg Rozenberg.
The new company model will be strengthened by the new Chairman of Board of Directors. Apart from  its current functions, the Directors Board will be responsible for the development strategy and  human resources development.
Olexander Kirichko, Chairman of the Directors Board said “The new company model separates out  strategic and operation administrations  ensuring the company is more sustainable to short-term and long-term challenges. These changes aim to strengthen the role of the Board of Directors as the body thatcommunicatesshareholders interests”.         
Interpipe is a steel pipe and railway wheel company. It is among the ten largest producers of pipe products and the third largest producer of railway wheels in the world. The Company’s products are supplied to 80 countries through a chain of commercial offices located in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe, the USA andthe Middle East. In 2012 the Company’s mills produced about 1.2 mln tons of pipe and wheel products.

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