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Interpipe reports about an attempt of Internet fraud

The company revealed an attempt of Internet fraud and appeals our contractors to be vigilant.

One of Interpipe contractors received counterfeit financial documents with wrong bank details aimed to transfer payment to fraudsters. Fraudsters created false email address of the invoice sender with the domain similar to Interpipe.

We ask you to be vigilant and pay careful attention to received invoices. Forgers can use several deceitful schemes to urge money transferring:

1)         Create false email address of the sender with the domain similar to Interpipe, but with a couple of letters changed.
For example, use “L” instead of “i” or add additional letter to the correct domain.
E.g. false emails:,,,,

2)         The name of the sender can be similar or absolutely the same to your invoicing person. In the latter case, the suspicious email address can be found in the copy of the email.

3)         Use incorrect Interpipe bank details in the true corporate template.
Please note that Interpipe never sends you invoices with the changed bank details without the prior notice and never use personal email addresses to send financial documents.

In case of any doubt please contact the responsible person in Interpipe.

The company is applying all measures to defend our respected partners from the fraudsters.

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