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Interpipe invests $ 14 million to extend its production of OCTG with premium connection

The Ukrainian industrial company Interpipe has launched an investment project to increase the production capacities of casing with premium threaded connections. Danobat, a leading manufacturer of the metalworking machine tools, will supply major equipment for the construction of the new line.

Interpipe and Danobat have signed a contract for the supply of machine tools for the new threading line for both casing and couplings. The line will be built at Interpipe NTRP mill in Dnipro.

Contract signing with Danobat

The new line is designed for cutting the threaded connections for OCTG. Primarily, it is dedicated to boost the production of casing with the proprietary UPJ-M premium connection, certified in accordance with CAL IV requirements of ISO 13679. The line will consist of two pipe-threading machines with special areas for connection quality control. Its capacity makes up about 70 thousand tons of casing with premium connections per year.

Danobat machine tool

Besides the pipe-threading line, the company will install a new coupling sleeve machine and a saw for cutting the coupling blanks. This will enable an increase in the capacities for production of couplings with premium connections.

The project also provides for the installation of ancillary equipment, including a belt-saw machine for cutting the pipe ends, an additional electric bridge crane, and a mechanized inspection table to check the quality of the connection make-up.

The total investment will be 14 million dollars. Commissioning of the equipment has been scheduled for 2019.

Denis Morozov, Interpipe Chief Financial Officer:
– World reserves of the easy-to-get hydrocarbons are getting lower and lower, resulting in the need to develop deposits with complicated environments. Ukraine faces a similar situation. Construction of complex wells requires the use of premium threaded connections of the highest gas-tightness level, the list of which includes Interpipe UPJ-M connection. The main objective of the new investment project is to boost the production of OCTG with UPJ-M. After the completion of this project, we will be able to drive up the supply of these premium products to the Ukrainian market, and to start exporting such products to the markets of America, the Middle East, and the CIS as well. At present, such exports are still complicated due to the limitations of our production capacities.

Interpipe UPJ-M premium connection

Interpipe casing

Interpipe is global producer of steel pipes and railway wheels, based in Ukraine. The company’s products are marketed in more than 80 countries around the world through a network of sales offices located in key markets of Ukraine, the CIS, the Middle East, North America, and Europe. In 2017, Interpipe supplied 767,000 tons of pipe and wheel products. The company has up to 12,000 employees.

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