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Interpipe certified UPJ-F premium flush connection according to ISO 13679 CAL IV level

Ukrainian industrial company Interpipe certified proprietary premium flush connection – Interpipe UPJ-F – for compliance with the international standard ISO 13679 CAL IV (Connection Application Level).

It took approximately a year to design, develop, test and certify the new product. This is the second premium-class connection with the highest level of gas tightness developed by Interpipe. Earlier, our Company designed and certified the UPJ-M (Ukrainian Premium Joint) coupling connection.

UPJ-F is a flush connection, i.e. the coupling part of the thread is cut on inside part of pipe end.

Having no coupling, the pipes can be run in a hole much easily, especially in deviated and horizontal wells. UPJ-F casing may be used as drilling liner to isolate unpredicted zones while drilling, as production liner as well as sidetrack production casing where OD clearance plays significant role.

The trial items of casing with UPJ-F were threaded at Interpipe facilities in Ukraine, while the tests were carried out at an independent laboratory in Germany.

Boris Lomakin, Premium Connection Department Director, Technical Sales Director at Interpipe:
– UPJ-F gas-tight premium connection has unique design. There are a double metal-to-metal seal, “hook-thread profile” and dope pocket. Having flush design, UPJ-F simplifies run-in-hole operations especially into deviated and horizontal wells due to lack of anchoring effect of coupling face especially in high “dog-leg” sections.

In addition, UPJ-F connection serves well when slim well profile is used. Applying such connection, reduced bit diameter can be used which leads to well construction cost reduction. Metal-to-Metal seal mechanism makes UPJ-F connection applicable for gas and gas-condensate wells even they have S-type or horizontal well profile.

Denis Morozov, Interpipe Chief Financial Officer:
– The new line of Interpipe premium connections extends the capabilities of our customers. This certified CAL IV level connection guarantees gas tightness and safety of running operation even in presents of severe geological conditions.

We have been developing UPJ-F taking into consideration the needs of one of our key customers – UkrGasVydobuvannya. There are only a few companies globally that can offer connections of such class. So far, UkrGasVydobuvannya purchases flush connections from foreign suppliers. We are planning to offer them our new premium-class solution this year.

CAL IV (Connection Application Level) is the highest level of requirements for threaded pipe connections designed for oil and gas industry and regulated by the international standard ISO 13679. The standard defines 4 levels for connection tests – from the less stringent (CAL I) to the most stringent one (CAL IV). Connections of this level can withstand high loads; at the same time, they are gas-tight – that is, they eliminate the risk of leaks and ensure high environmental friendliness during the operation of oil and gas wells.

About the company:
Interpipe is global producer of steel pipes and railway wheels, based in Ukraine. The company’s products are marketed in more than 80 countries all around the world via the network of sales offices located in key markets of Ukraine, Europe, North America and the Middle East. In 2018 Interpipe supplied 857 kt of finished goods, including 189 kt of railway products.
Interpipe has 12 thousand people working at the company’s facilities. During 2018 the Company transferred UAH 2.17bln in taxes to budgets of all levels and extra-budgetary funds.
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