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Interpipe increases employees' salary by 15

Interpipe, a global producer of steel pipes and railway wheels products, despite ongoing war in Ukraine announces an increase of salary for all categories of employees by 15% effective from March 1st, 2023.

The increase will affect the blue-collar staff at the plants in Dnipro, Nikopol and Novomoskovsk. Additionally, the salaries of line managers in production, as well as engineers, specialists and managers of Interpipe's Ukrainian office will also be raised. On average, the wages will rise by 15%.
Andriy Korotkov, CEO at Interpipe:
- For almost a year, we have been living and working in conditions of a full-scale war. The company faced such difficulties in logistics and production assurance for the first time. However, Interpipe made every effort to rebuild the work processes. We managed to maintain our positions in the export markets, we continue to work now. We are working despite artillery fire, missile strikes, and electricity limitations. At the same time, from the first days of the invasion, the Company provides comprehensive support to its employees in the Ukrainian Armed Forces; helps the army and medics; helps employees whose property was damaged by shelling; pays taxes in full and provides production with all necessities. Our work is the merit of every Interpipe’s employee, everyone who continues to fulfill their duties at their workplaces. In order to support the workers and their families, the company decided to raise wages from March 1 despite the ongoing war. We continue to hold the economic frontline!
The last time Interpipe raised wages shortly before a full-scale invasion - in October 2021. In 2021, the salary of production personnel increased by an average of 20%. In the first days of the war, Interpipe paid salaries to all employees early, and during the year salaries were paid on time without delays and in full.

About the company:

Interpipe is global producer of steel pipes and railway products based in Ukraine. The company’s products are marketed in more than 80 countries all around the world via the network of sales offices located in key markets of Ukraine, Europe, North America and the Middle East. In 2021, Interpipe supplied 602 kt of pipes and 174 kt of railway products.

Interpipe has 10 thousand people working at the company’s facilities. During 2021 the Company transferred ca. UAH 3bln in taxes to budgets of all levels and extra-budgetary funds.
Contacts for the mass media:
Andrey Pisarevskiy
Press Officer
Phone: +380 44 233 66 53
Cell: +380 67 952 17 62

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