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INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE IQ 267 training center opened a practical ground

On its first anniversary, INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE IQ 267’s training facility center has been updated with a new practical ground. Now the training center not only conducts theoretical, but also practical training classes under realistic working conditions. It is used to train machine operators, crane operators, metalworkers, engineers, and other workers – a total of 62 professions. Natalia Zvonenko, INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE HR Manager: “The updated IQ 267 center has been equipped with state-of-the-art devices, being a one of a kind at production training centerin Ukraine. For instance, in one of the classroom’s we have installed a radio-controlled beam crane for crane operators and strappers to practically train. This training method ensures useful exercises to support with our specialists’ development”. Over the year of its operation, the IQ 267 center has trained approximately 1,500 employees and students from Nikopol higher education institutions. The training center has launched 12 programs for individuals at various levels. Oksana Marina, INTERPIPE Company HR Manager: “Exactly a year ago we launched the IQ 267 training center, focused on the comprehensive education and training of our personnel. At present we can claim with complete confidence that we have achieved the goal we set a year ago. During this year we have launched more than ten different programs, including the training for blue collar occupations, management school, computer classes, etc. Using up-to-date approaches to training and education, we provide our students with the opportunity to partake in online seminars and video lessons, as well as master classes by well-known trainers. The IQ 267 training center was visited by Gleb Arkhangelsky, Radislav Gandapas, and Irina Khakamada”. Reference: The new practical training area consists of 5 classrooms (workshops): a workshop for electro-mechanics and production supervisors, an electromechanical workshop, a hydraulics and pneumatics workshop, a non-destructive testing training class, and a workshop for crane operators and strappers. The classrooms have been equipped with suspended multimedia projectors and screens for video lessons. Wi-Fi wireless communication has also been installed in the training center for employees’ convenience. The training center also has an up-to-date library. The library archive includes more than 30 thousand editions – from soviet metallurgy reference manual and up to the contemporary training literature. The first section of the training center was launched on June 9, 2012. This part of the IQ 267 centers consists of 5 training classrooms, a conference hall, a computer classroom, a negotiations room, and an office for the staff. This is the area where employees can, not only improve their qualification, but also develop their potential within one of 12 programs offered by the center. The IQ 267 teaching staff includes lecturers from Nikopol vocational school of the National Metallurgy Academy of Ukraine, Nikopol vocational training center, vocational training instructors, as well as employees of INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE.

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