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Up-to-date cafeteria opened for INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET employees

An up-to-date cafeteria has been opened at INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET Company after the capital repairs. The facility provides services to approximately 1200 employees. A 7-course lunch for Company’s workers costs only 6.5 hryvnya.

The menu of the renovated cafeteria is quite multifarious and includes both high-calorie dishes and a separate dietary cookery. The facility serves working shifts with various duration cycles. Therefore, in addition to lunches, it cooks afternoon snacks, costing only 3 hryvnya and 5 hryvnya dinners.

For employees’ convenience each department of the Company has an individual schedule of cafeteria attendance. The delivery of foods has been also arranged for employees of the most remote workshop of the plant – the slag processing shop.

The new cafeteria is absolutely beautiful, light, and up-to-date. In addition to the completely renovated interior, it has renewed office accommodations and lavatories, the heat-insulated façade, new electricity network, state-of-the-art equipment installed, and a climate control system arranged and powered up.

Elena Tsebinoga, INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET HR Manager: “At present INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET Company implements a large-scale modernization program, including the expansion of production capacities, procurement of new equipment, and personnel development. Reconstruction of the cafeteria is an important component of this modernization program, which will add much convenience to the work places of our employees”.

In the process of cafeteria’s preparation for opening special attention has been paid to compliance with all sanitary norms and standards. The entire service staff of the cafeteria has undergone a comprehensive medical examination. The Company has introduced strict measures to ensure the regular food quality control: brokerage, accounting on the quality and storage life of foodstuffs for cooking, as well the involvement of employees and the trade union to the food quality control.


INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET specialty includes processing of household and industrial scrap of ferrous metals. The Company is the major supplier of raw materials for INTERPIPE steel-melting production facilities and has an extensive network of sites for scrap collection and processing in the central and eastern parts of Ukraine.  


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