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Diana Arbenina, Chizh, and UMA2RMAN performed for INTERPIPE metallurgists and Dnipropetrovsk region residents

On July 20, INTERPIPE Company hosted three concerts, with performances from Diana Arbenina, “Chizh”, and “UMA2RMAN”, for residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region and employees to thank them for their hard work and celebrate Metallurgist Day . The concerts, devoted to the holiday, were conducted in the cities which host the Company’s mills.

The city of Dnipropetrovsk saw a performance by famous singer Diana Arbenina the leader of Russian rock band “Night snipers”. Despite the weather, 25,000 city residents made their way to the square by the Metallurgists’ Palace of Culture in Dnipropetrovsk to watch the show. Diana Arbenina performed alongside participants of the first season of “Х-factor” , including a band called “The Children of Captain Grant”.  Making the occasion even more momentous, It became clear during their performance that thiswas the last time the band would appear on stage as group.. 

15,000 Nikopol residents attended Sergey Chigrakov’s band called “Chizh & Co”. After the one-hour performance the audience was nto ready for it to be over and were elated when the band played encores for another half hour..

On this day Novomoskovsk city residents enjoyed a performance by the Russian rock band “UMA2RMAN”. Even the pouring rain could not prevent the gathering of the 20,000 residents. To commemorate  their arrival at Novomoskovsk, the musicians took part in a photo session with INTERPIPE employees.

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