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INTERPIPE Company has announced the introduction of the new procurement system, complying with world’s best standards and anti-corruption policy requirements. All information on the valid tenders and current needs of the Company in products and services is currently publicly available at the Company’s website on a quarterly basis. And the procurement process itself ensures fair and objective procedures for suppliers.

The website also contains full requirements to suppliers, contacts for technical and commercial issues, and required specifications and documents. The majority of tenders are conducted on the electronic basis.

“We guarantee fair and objective competition for all our suppliers. For us such system ensures the best price and delivery conditions”, – Alexey Slyusarev, INTERPIPE Procurement and Logistics Manager, has noted.

The volume of INTERPIPE Company procurement via its website amounts to approximately 15 million US dollars a month, making it one of the largest consumers of products and services in Ukraine. The list of major procurement items includes ferroalloys, rolling and special tools, spare parts and components for Company’s production equipment, fuels and lubricants, chemical products, and rolled metal products.

To become a supplier of INTERPIPE, a company has to get a one-time accreditation by filling in the form at Company’s website and uploading several documents. Within 3 days the supplying company is notified either on the obtainment of accreditation along with the login and password to access the Internet platform, or on the rejection, indicating the reasons for that. The option to “upload” offers on current tenders is made open for accredited suppliers, and they are also included into the mailing list for automatic notifications on new tenders of INTERPIPE.

The key feature of the new system consists in the fact that at the bidding stage all offers are absolutely anonymous, and nobody, except for the contractor itself, can see their content. When the bidding is over, all “electronic envelopes” with offers are opened simultaneously, and the system automatically conducts the analysis and defines the best offer, complying with the requirements of this specific tender. Such procedure ensures the objective and transparent consideration of offers, excluding the possibility for “manual management” of the procurement process.

Then, within 5 days after the tender closing date, an inspection is conducted and the procurement commission makes the final decision on the selection of the supplier or the appointment of a new tender or a reverse auction (an online electronic tender to decrease the prices). The invitation for the latter procedure is sent to the participants of the first stage, sending the best offers.

Thus, the subjective factor is completely excluded from the procurement process owing to the new system, and contractors can be absolutely sure that the final preference will be given only to offers with the best price and quality parameters.

To learn more about the new Internet platform with INTERPIPE procurement procedures, please follow the link:

It has also completed the implementation of another large-scale project in the production culture sphere, consisting in the provision of new working clothes to mill’s employees. 

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