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Interpipe supports the 2013 WORKOUT FEST in Ukraine

Nongovernmental organization “STREET WORKOUT UKRAINE”, supported by INTERPIPE, will conduct a ‘Healthy lifestyle’ Festival in Dnepropetrovsk. The sports festivity, called WORKOUT FEST 2013, will take place on June 29, 2013.

According to the statistics from the Ministry of Family, Youth, and Sports issues, approximately 45% of male and 35% of female youngsters smoke in Ukraine, and more than 65% of boys and 65% of girls drink alcohol. At the same time, medical experts note that every third resident of the country suffers from high arterial tension, and 30 thousand people out of every 100 thousand Ukrainians suffer from essential hypertension. Such shocking statistics prove that health and sports  have never been an acute part of the lives of residents in Dnepropetrovsk nor  more broadly in Ukraine. WORKOUT FEST 2013 is aimed at educating the  youth on the values of health and sports in their  daily lives.

The major event of WORKOUT FEST 2013  will be a performance by the stars of “street workout’ style. To arrange this show, Dnepropetrovsk will host approximately a hundred sportsmen from the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, and Ukraine.   

Over the course of the day , the main stage will host competitions between WORKOUT FEST 2013 participants, who have already registered for the event. They will “compete for swords” in six categories, which include chin-ups with one hand, push-ups on parallel bars, and horizontal bar competitions. Sportsmen also plan to set several world records on this day. Competition winners will  get a place  at the next Healthy Way of Life Festival in 2014.  In addition, the participants will perform for all guests at the festival.

On that same day, Dnepropetrovsk residents and guests will get free access to the festival  to watch a series of sports training sessions in bodybuilding, martial arts, parkour, freerun, fitness, yoga, pilates, contemporary dances, and football freestyle. All participants interested will be welcome to join in the training sessions.

“Among our employees we want to see young, physically healthy people, who strive for development, successes, and victories. In this regard we fully support the Street Workout movement, – Dmitry Kiselevsky, INTERPIPE Corporate Relations Department Manager, has commented. – We want to revive the status of a profession in metallurgy, so that young people once again consider it as a long term career”.


Street workout is a mass movement. It is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. A creative bodyweight workout that can be done anytime and anywhere. Street workout training sessions are conducted out-of-doors – at parks, courtyards, and sports and school grounds. The movement’s moto is that “the streets are open 24 hours, no excuses so have fun and get in great shape.”

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