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INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET celebrated its 75th anniversary with the exhibition of sculptures, made out of scrap and special machinery

INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET celebrates its 75th anniversary. Despite having such a long history in operation and maintaining its status one of the largest scrap-processing companies in Ukraine, the facility has a modern look following INTERPIPE Company’s investment of approximately 40 million USD into modernizing the enterprise’s facilities. DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET is currently expanding the network of its scrap procurement sites across the Ukraine and invests in up-to-date equipment and personnel.

“Sennebogen” state-of-the-art hydraulic handling machines are one of the many examples of innovation at INTERPIPE VTORMET. In honor of the jubilee the enterprise’s employees showcased these powerful machines, serving both for elevation of heavy scrap pieces and delicate procedures. Fifteen company drivers  presented their professional skills whilst operating these mighty vehicles.

Alexander Serdyuk, INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET Deputy Engineer:

“This is the second time we have arranged and carried out a contest for the best handling of machines at INTERPIPE VTORMET. A year ago the competition participants had to close a box of matches with the help of these machines. This year they have a new task – to build a pyramid out of car tires. The diversity of tasks once again confirms the craftsmanship of our enterprise’s employees”.

For the 75th anniversary of INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET, employees have taken part in a scrap sculpture contest.. Flame cutting torch operators and welders have been creating true masterpieces out of scrap for over a month. Now 14 metallic sculptures will decorate the facility in honor of its birthday.

Yuri Kolesnik, INTERPIPE DNIPROPETROVSK VTORMET Maintenance Department employee:

“This contest has inspired all contest participants. The scrap, stored at our facility, has been chosen as the material for the sculpture creation. To finish the figures in time, many employees decided to stay at the facility after labor hours to showcase the best of their abilities.”.  

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