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NTERPIPE STEEL hosted the open training at WORKOUT FEST 2013

On June 28, INTERPIPE STEEL became the training site for participants of the STREET WORKOUT sports movement. The athletes put on a magnificent sports show on the eve of WORKOUT FEST 2013 festival, which took place in Dnepropetrovsk on 29 June with the support of the INTERPIPE Company.   

The open training at INTERPIPE STEEL mill was used to showcase the skills of approximately fifty athletes from 12 countries in the world, including the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Italy, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, and Belarus. The site of approximately 25 m² was specifically arranged for this fantastic event in the company’s outdoor parking lot.     

“We are happy to have held the open training on the eve of WORKOUT FEST 2013 festival at INTERPIPE STEEL. The entrance to this facility has been equipped with state-of-the-art breathalyzers, and smoking is strictly forbidden. This is proof that Interpipe proactively care about the health of their employees and strive to provide a healthy environment for them - Denis Minin, STREET WORKOUT movement leader commented. – These principles fully comply with those of the workout movement”.  

A workout sports ground was also opened in the center of Novomoskovsk city on 27 June. This gift for the city residents was provided by the STREET WORKOUT sports federation, with the support of INTERPIPE Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant and the sports organization “Sports for everybody”. The opening ceremony for this venue was also used to present the skills of the best workout athletes from various countries.

The new 300 m² workout ground  was designed by the leader of STREET WORKOUT organization – Denis Minin. The products of INTERPIPE NMPP pipe electric welding workshop No 3 were used to manufacture the training equipment and horizontal and parallel bars in the sports ground. The ground equipment was also manufactured using the finished pipes by employees of the maintenance and mechanical workshop in the production facility.

“There are very few locations in Novomoskovsk, where city residents can visit to train and take part in sporting activities. This is exactly why the youth union of INTERPIPE NMPP has been very interested in supporting with the development of a workout ground – a place, where everyone who so desires can improve his or her health free of charge. We have managed to equip this ground, being one of the largest in Ukraine, within a very short period of time.This is the result of work carried out by dozens of employees from our production facility, – Konstantin Kravchenko, INTERPIPE NMPP youth union leader remarked. – Future plans for  the Company include the reconstruction of the physical training and health improvement complex, purchase of new up-to-date training devices for the workout ground, as well as hosting of the annual sports contest for INTERPIPE NMPP employees and workers”.   


On 29 June the main stage of the STREET WORKOUT Festival hosted the competition between WORKOUT FEST 2013 participants. They “measured swords” in six nominations, including chin-ups with one hand, push-ups on parallel bars, and horizontal bar competitions. Athletes also plan to set up several world records on this day. Competition winners were given the right to participate in the next Healthy Way of Life Festival in 2014.  In addition, the participants entertained guests of the festivity with bright free-style performances. 

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