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INTERPIPE STEEL develops the potential staff pool

INTERPIPE STEEL has launched the implementation of the STEEL FLOW project – development of the potential staff pool. The project is aimed at young people, who want to get a job at the innovative metallurgical mill. All those, who have passed the internship at the mill’s production facilities and special training at the training center, will get the right for employment at INTERPIPE STEEL.

The majority of companies start training a new employee after he/she already gets a job. At that, certain time is wasted for adaptation and introduction into the job duties, and sometimes an employee or an employer understands that such job goes against the grain for this person and leaves. INTERPIPE STEEL is ready to train people even before they get their employment at the mill.

“If any vacancies appear at the mill, we will not start the search from the scratch. We will be able to choose among those who are aimed at working right here, who are already in the know with our production facilities, who have passed the training and the selection process, – INTERPIPE STEEL HR Manager Alla Tereshchenko has noted. – Such people will get to know with the business much easier and faster and will be fully committed to working here”.

The list of the STEEL FLOW project participants will include both the graduates of metallurgical specialties and young people without any industry education, who are ready to undertake additional training.

The program is absolutely free for all candidates and will be completely paid for by the Company. During their training and internship periods the participants will also get a monthly scholarship, amounting to 1200 hryvnya.

To become a participant of the STEEL FLOW project, all potential candidates have to get registered at Company’s website or to get an appointment for the interview by phone. All candidates, who have successfully passed their tests and interviews with INTERPIPE STEEL Staff Commission, will be selected for the project.

All participants with the industry education will undergo the program of 2-3 week internship at the production facilities. Andafterthattheywillgettherightforemploymentatthemill. All those, who have no industry education, will be able to undertake training at the INTERPIPE STEEL on-site training center at the mill’s expense, to get a state standard certificate, and then to undertake the internship program. After that they will also get the right for employment at the mill.

To learn more about the project or to get registered for the STEEL FLOW project, please follow the link:

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