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INTERPIPE pipes tested by Dakar

Today, the Belarus sports team “MAZ-SPORTauto” arrived in Dnepropetrovsk to visit INTERPIPE Company’s mills. INTERPIPE has supported the “MAZ-SPORTauto” team since 2010 when their first sports vehicle was assembled. In the same year MAZ underwent combat testing for all stages of the transcontinental “Silk Way Dakar Series” Rally Raid. The crew successfully passed all eight stages of the track with a total length of more than 4,000 km. INTERPIPE supplies seamless and welded pipes to the Minsk Automobile Plant for use in manufacturing passenger buses and freight vehicles, including the rally raid ones.

During their visit, the legendary Dakar Rally Raids driver also attended the company’s pipe facilities at INTERPIPE NTRP, INTERPIPE NIKO TUBE, and INTERPIPE NMPP, where pipe products for MAZ vehicles are manufactured.

“MAZ is one of our key partners in mechanical engineering. We not only supply pipe products for MAZ vehicles, but also support the sports team. For instance, we have on two occasions been MAZ partners for the Silk Way Rally, and in 2012 were partners for the Dakar Rally Raid.” Andrei Bibik, INTERPIPE Machinery and Power Product Sales Manager, explained. He continued: “We are very happy that our partners have found the time to visit the Company’s mills. Now our employees at these facilities will be able to see first-hand how the results of their work have supported this team”.


“MAZ-SPORTauto” Sports Team vehicle has been designed on the basis of the MAZ-5309 serial chassis and weighs more than 10 tons. The 800 horsepower engine with a displacement volume of more than 17 liters, manufactured by the Minsk Motor Plant, is the heart of this vehicle. An enhanced brake system has been developed to  ensure a high safety l in this vehicle. In addition, the designers have supported the development of the all-wheel drive and centralized tire pumping. The vehicle can reach 160 km/hour. The MAZ ramp is decorated with stylized aurochs – the symbol of Belarus and Minsk Automobile Plant. The list of the vehicle’s distinctive features includes power, speed, maneuvering ability, and endurance.

In 2012 the rally sportsmen were ranked 31. In 2013, the Belarus “Aurochs” have once again participated in the “Silk Way Dakar Series” off-road racing, which took place on 5 - 20 January in South-America. The total length of the track exceeded 8,000 kilometers. “MAZ-SPORTauto” crew ranked 21st after the rally’s completion.

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