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INTERPIPE announces appointment of new Chief Commercial Officer (ССО)

INTERPIPE is pleased to announce the appointment of Fadi Hraibi as Chief Commercial Officer. This new management position will enhance Company's sales management efficiency.

Mr. Hraibi, who has already started at INTERPIPE, will be responsible for planning and management of company’s commercial activities,  development and implementation of marketing strategy and sales channels development.

“The introduction of the new Commercial Officer and Operating Officer positions is the result of INTERPIPE's management system restructure. Providing staff with highly skilled and experienced managers will develop people and ensure a premium efficiency and balance of Company’s operational management”, - commented INTERPIPE General Manager Alexander Kirichko.

Fadi Hraibi has a long-standing experience in sales management and commercial development. Prior to this role Mr. Hraibi took a position of a Principal in the international consulting company - the Boston Consulting Group. From 2007 to 2010 Mr. Fadi Hraibi held the position of Product and Resource Director at INTERPIPE. The scope of his responsibilities included product strategy development, pricing optimization and sales planning.

Fadi Hraibi has an engineering degree from the American University of Beirut (Lebanon). In 2004 Mr. Hraibi got his master’s degree in business administration at INSEAD Business School in France. 

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