UPJ-F – Certified CAL IV true flush joint connection

UPJ-F – certified CAL IV premium connection
Interpipe UPJ-F is a proprietary gas-tight flush (non-coupling) connection, certified in accordance with ISO 13679 CAL IV.

Designed for the most severe well conditions
The unique UPJ-F design with the double gas-tight seal, “hooked” thread profile and lubricant pocket allows it to withstand high pressure and ensure the reliability of the pipe joint.
Interpipe UPJ-F connection can be used in oil, gas and gas-condensate wells. “Metal-to-metal seal” leak-prevention system guarantees string sealability even in S-type, deep, horizontal, vertical or deviated wells.
Due to the coupling absence, Interpipe UPJ F connection can be used in run-in-hole operation for reduced hole diameter wells, high drift angle wells and horizontal wellbores, including production casing, sidetrack and liner.

Successful tests and certification
New product developing, mastering, testing and certifying have taken about a year. Sample were successfully tested with simulated high-pressure operation in an independent laboratory in Germany.
Interpipe proved that this proprietary solution meets the highest industry requirements and successfully passed ISO 13679 CAL IV test.