INTERPIPE will conduct a scientific and practical conference with Ukrzaliznytsya

INTERPIPE, along with the State Rail Transport Administration of Ukraine and the Scientific and Practical Society of Railroaders of Ukraine, will conduct the 2nd international scientific and practical conference, “Development of up-to-date production technologies for national enterprises – a basis to reduce the wear of the “rail-wheel” pair”.


Interpipe produced pipes from the first Dniprosteel heat

Interpipe rolled the first lot of seamless pipes, using the billets, produced at the new Dniprosteel electric steel-smelting complex. The first pipe was rolled at Interpipe NTRP plant, using a steel billet, produced in the course of the first heat.


Frank Rittner resigned from his position in Interpipe

Frank Rittner, Director for Strategy and Business Development at Interpipe, resigned from his position in the Company on January 31, 2012.


Interpipe launches hot testing at Dneprosteel

On January 17, 2012 Interpipe and Italian general contractor DANIELI Company successfully have begun hot testing of the manufacturing equipment at the Dneprosteel Electric Steel Smelting Complex (ESSC). During the first melting process 100 tons of steel billets were produced.