INTERPIPE STEEL produces high-quality round steel billets, complying with requirements of ISO 14-1-235-91 international standard.

Product characteristics:

Continuously cast non-deformed billets out of the carbon and alloyed steel, melted at the electric arc steel-melting furnace.

Metal finishing is done at the ladle-furnace unit with argon blowing, steel deoxidation, vacuum-degassing, and, if required, includes treatment with powder-like reactants.

Billets are supplied at the non-deformed state.

Billets are supplied without the mechanical finishing of the surface (turning and peeling).

Subject the customer’s order, the mill supplies cut-to-length and multiple cut-to-length billets, as well as billets in mill’s lengths, within the following limits:

  • diameters from 150 mm to 290 mm – from 6.0 m to 11.7 m inclusive;
  • diameters from 385 mm to 470 mm – from 6.2 m to 9.85 m inclusive. 

Continuously cast billets contain:

  • oxygen no more than 35 ppm;
  • nitrogen no more than 70 ppm.