Development of technical education

Interpipe invests in the development of technical education in the cities where it operates. We want to return engineering to the agenda of the Ukrainian society, make technical specialties fashionable again, and build a complete chain of training for high-quality personnel. Our initiatives are aimed at creating an ecosystem of technical education – “school – vocational technical school – higher education institution – enterprise”. 

The country's major engineering show Interpipe TechFest

From 2016 to 2019, Interpipe had annually organized a festival of science, engineering, and modern technologies in Dnipro. It brought together the largest industrial enterprises of Ukraine, leading higher education institutions, and educational centers of the country, as well as internationally known startups, winners of Ukrainian and international technical competitions, and Ukrainian scientists. Interpipe TechFest is the largest platform for holding technical competitions and popularizing science and engineering in the Eastern and Central Ukraine. 

Mechatronics ecosystem in the city of Dnipro 

Interpipe annually invests millions of dollars in modernization of its equipment, installing automated lines and sophisticated machinery. To set up and maintain it, highly qualified personnel are needed, and the demand for them will grow with each passing year. 
To train such specialists, the Company invests in the establishment of an ecosystem of mechatronics in the city of Dnipro, which combines state-of-the-art learning laboratories, educational programs, and competitions at the premises of schools and the National Technical University Dnipro Polytechnic. 
Mechatronics is a modern technical discipline that combines hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical engineering, and programming and is the basis for working with sophisticated automated equipment and industrial robots. 

Mechatronics laboratories at Dnipro Polytechnic National Technical University 
Interpipe allocated UAH 1.2 million for the construction of two mechatronics laboratories at the premises of the Dnipro Polytechnic National Technical University. The first one was opened in 2019 and equipped by German Fischertechnik construction sets for schoolchildren of 8-10 grades. The second one was opened in 2020 for training students of higher education institutions, vocational technical schools, colleges, and technical secondary schools and was equipped with German Festo equipment. 

Interpipe Mechatronics Lab training program 
Since 2018, at the initiative of the Company, a free training program and competitions in mechatronics have been held for schoolchildren and students of vocational technical schools and higher education institutions of the region at the premises of the Dnipro Polytechnic laboratories. From 2018 to 2021, more than 500 students and schoolchildren completed the program. 

WorldSkills Ukraine Championship of vocational professions  
Since 2018, Interpipe has been the national co-organizer and partner of the all-Ukrainian WorldSkills Ukraine competitions within the Mechatronics discipline. 

Mechatronics laboratories at schools 
Since 2021, schools have also joined the ecosystem for training of modern technical specialists. The Company signed a memorandum with the municipal authorities of the city of Dnipro on cooperation for the development of technical specialties. As a result, 2 mechatronics laboratories have been opened at schools No 3 and No 129 at the Left Bank area of the city this year. At the expense of the city budget, major repairs have been carried out in the classrooms, while Interpipe has provided the laboratories with German Fischertechnik training equipment, computers, and a plasma screen. Dnipro Polytechnic specialists have conducted the training of teachers and provided them with teaching aids and materials. Classes at school laboratories are arranged on the basis of physics and computer science lessons. Company's investments in the opening of these two laboratories amounted to UAH 490 thousand. 

There are plans to launch two more mechatronics laboratories at Dnipro schools by the end of 2021, and the Company will allocate approximately UAH 400 thousand for their construction. 

Modern arts and crafts classrooms 

The first modernized arts and crafts classroom was arranged at school No 69 of the Industrial district in Dnipro. Interpipe carried out a major overhaul of the premises and fully equipped the classroom with modern machines and a large number of small tools. Total investments amounted to UAH 558 thousand. 
There are also plans to open two more arts and crafts classrooms in 2021-2022, and Interpipe has already allocated approximately UAH 800 thousand for this activity. 

Rocket Modeling classroom 
Interpipe reconstructed a rocket modeling classroom at the House of Creativity, located in the Industrial District of Dnipro. The Company allocated UAH 563 thousand for this project. The classroom underwent major overhaul and got brand new furniture, computers, and completely upgraded equipment and tools for creating models. Thanks to this, model makers were able to significantly improve the quality and speed of the rocket assembly. 

Technical creativity contests 
In collaboration with Dnipro Academy of Continuous Education and the STEM on Dnipro organization, the Company organizes technical creativity programs and competitions for schoolchildren in the Dnipropetrovsk region. In 2019-2021, the following projects took place with the support of Interpipe: 
  • Competition for the best research video in physics Experiment it immediately! 
  • STEM-project Techno-girls rule for 12-16 year old girls who are interested in technology; 
  • Competition for the best STEM project Industry inspires; and 
  • Competition on the primary technical modeling Dnipro – the city of engineers for schoolchildren of 3-8 grades.