The Company’s specialty is the production of seamless pipes for extraction and transportation of oil and gas industry products; special application pipes for mechanical engineering and power industry; general application pipes, used in other industries; and wheels and tires for the railway transport.

Product portfolio:

  • Seamless pipes for oil and gas industry:
    • Casing (114 – 340 mm, wall thickness 6.4 – 15.4 mm), short reducing pipe (wall thickness 6.4 – 15.4 mm);
    • oil and gas transportation pipe (42- 426 mm, wall thickness 4.5 – 65 mm);
  • Seamless pipes for mechanical engineering and power industry (33-426 mm with 4-65 mm wall thickness), including:
    • Pipes for electro-submersible pumps (ESP);
    • Pipes for submersible electrical motors (SEM);
    • Bearing pipes; and
    • Precision pipes.
  • Forged wheels for locomotives, passenger carriages, and freight cars, as well as underground trains of 650 - 1269 mm diameter and 690-1260 mm diameter tires.
Company’s production facilities include the following:
  • Primary machining and testing floor;
  • Non-destructive testing floor (for ultrasonic,  eddy-current, and magnetic particle inspection);
  • Coupling production and non-destructive testing floors;
  • Floors for threading, pipe and coupling chamfering, pipe hydrostatic testing, and pipe coating and bundling;
  • Floors for production, machining, non-destructive testing, and finishing of wheels and tires;
  • Tube-rolling shop with a plug mill (pipe diameters from 73 to 178 mm);
  • Tube-rolling shop with a Pilger rolling mill (pipe diameters from 168 to 426 mm);
  • Tube-rolling shop with an Assel mill (pipe diameters from 76 to 203 mm);
  • Wheel-rolling floor (diameters from 700  to 1262 mm); and
  • Ring and tire floor (diameters from 650 to 1250 mm).
The Company has been certified for compliance with a number of international standards, including:
  • Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001, API Q1, IRIS, and AAR M 1003 international standards;
  • Environmental Management System has been certified in accordance with ISO 14001 standard;
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System acc. to OHSAS 18001;
  • Pipe products have been certified for compliance with national and international standards: API 5CT, API 5L, EN (DIN), ASTM, GOST, and DSTU;
  • Wheel products comply with requirements of international and inter-state standards: UIC – Merkblatt 812-3V, 812-2V, Sowie DB BN 918 277, AAR M 107, GOST 10791, GOST 398, and DSTU.