Interpipe Steel is the first metallurgical plant, built in Ukraine from the scratch for almost half a century. Total volume of investments has amounted to 1 billion US dollars.

Interpipe Steel is the largest electric steel-melting complex for production of round steel billets in the Eastern Europe. Interpipe Steel has been designed to provide the Company’s pipe and wheel production with its own steel billets. 
The production capacity of the new mill is 1.32 million tons of round steel billets a year.

The mill combines innovative steel-melting technologies, a new approach to the production culture, and contemporary art installations by Olafur Eliasson – part and parcel of the enterprise.

Such combination represents a new metallurgical production philosophy of the 21st century – a new phase in the industry development.

The turn-key construction of the mill has been carried out by Danieli Company – global leader in metallurgical equipment manufacturing. Danieli ensures the design, manufacturing, delivery, and assembly of the principal technological and ancillary equipment, buildings and communications of the new mill.

The state-of-the-art high-tech equipment is installed and used along the entire technological process at the electric steel-melting complex facilities:

  • Electric-arc steel-melting furnace, 
  • Ladle furnace unit, 
  • Steel degassing unit, 
  • Continuous casting machines 1 and 2.

Continuous casting machine 1:

Cut-to-length billets 6.0 – 11.7 m; 
Billet diameters: 150; 170; 210; 250; 290 mm;
5 strands, 900 thousand tons.

Continuous casting machine 2:
Cut-to-length billets 6.2 – 9.85 m; 
Billet diameters: 385; 410; 450; 470 mm; 
4 strands, 840 thousand tons.