Environmental management

Interpipe adheres to the principles of safe production and ensures high environmental standards at its enterprises. 

Company's industrial assets have been certified in accordance with international environmental standards ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. In addition, Interpipe production facilities fully comply with the norms determined by the Law of Ukraine “On Atmospheric Air Protection” and the Order of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine № 108, taking into account the requirements of the State Sanitary Rules. 

Company's factories meet the CO2 emission standards set by the Kyoto Protocol. In addition, back in 2012, Interpipe launched a state-of-the-art electric steel-making complex Interpipe Steel, which complies with the requirements of the European Green Deal to the maximum extent possible. Investments in the construction of the facility "from scratch" amounted to approximately $ 1 billion. 

The opening of Interpipe Steel has enabled the abandonment of the environmentally harmful open-hearth furnace production process. As a result, CO2 emissions went down by 10 times, while gas consumption was decreased by 8 times. As of today, the electric arc furnace technology is the most environmentally friendly one for steelmaking. For example, CO2 emissions per ton of steel with this technology are on average up to 250 kg, while emissions from other methods of steelmaking start at 1800 kg per ton. 

Interpipe regularly invests in ensuring strict environmental excellence standards in its production. In 2019-2020, the Company allocated UAH 197.5 million to implement a number of environmental protection measures and activities. The list of the major ones includes the following: 
  • Protection of atmospheric air;
  • Circulating water treatment in the closed-loop production cycle;
  • Rational waste management;
  • Protection and rehabilitation of soil, groundwater, and surface water;
  • Mitigation of noise and vibration impacts;
  • Green planting at the territory of facilities;
  • Measuring of background concentrations of emissions into the atmosphere at Interpipe Steel;
  • Installation of energy-saving lighting (LED-lamps) at facilities;
  • Purification of oil in a bath of preservation of pipe bundles from mechanical impurities and water;
  • Monitoring the state of atmospheric air and soil at the border of the sanitary protection zone and in the zone of influence of facilities;
  • Procurement of dust collection units for Interpipe production assets;
  • Modernization of the heat supply system at Interpipe NMPP;
  • Carrying out recertification audits for Environmental Management and Occupational Safety Management systems in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

Interpipe Niko Tube Certificate ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Interpipe NTRP Certificate ISO 14001 Interpipe NMPP Certificate ISO 14001